They say Flat Earth is dumb ok But let's actually take a look at what you call smart!! - You believe the earth is going 66600 miles per hour which is 39 times FASTER than the speed of a bullet but you can't feel a thing - You believe the earth core is hotter than the surface of the sun with an infinite burn all while being sealed off from fuel or oxygen You believe there is a wall of fire atmosphere up there but yet the higher you go the colder it gets Once you get to airplane height it's literally 40 below zero You believe a teaspoon of a neutron star weights 40 billion pounds One TEASPOON of a neutron star weighs 20 billion pounds! You believe NASA wentto the moon but lost ALL THE TELEMETY DATA ALL THE BLUEPRINTS FOR THE SATURN ROCKET as well as ALL THE BLUEPRINTS FOR THE LUNAR MODULE and all the blueprints for that dumb DUNE BUGGY all of it got lost?!?!?! You believe that the 1969 fake landing just miraculously happened to take place after the number 1 worldwide Blockbuster film about outer space 1968That movie was 2001 a space Odyssey and you believe that wasn't the perfect marketing tool to cement space in the minds of the people exactly year before the fake Apollo missions was released in You believe the entire solar system is going 1000000 mph You believe that huge oceans bend around a ball and don't flow towards the bend You believe the Nile river flows uphill You should be ashamed of yourselves all of you Meme











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