stellarsteele Here is a preview of my first book ever! I am planning on releasing the full book very soon Let me know what you think Prologue My name is Eva I had one boyfriend in high school who turned out to be a disappointment After breaking up with him he kept sending me creepy messages on social media I did what any girl would do—I blocked him I am anxious for another romantic experience with a different outcome I thought college would be my chance but this pandemic swooped in and fucked everything up My ideal is a cute guy who is sensitive and provides me with unconditional love I want to have deep conversations with him too Physical appearance isn’t my greatest asset I am not ugly but not gorgeous Sometimes guys at parties tell me that I’m charming and a good listener though I would much rather be kissed than told these things but I’ve learned to work with what I have I must admit I’m hard on myself My roommate Emma has a lot of hookups and I always feel below her She still complains about the absence of dateable guys which makes me feel better about my lack of success I should mention my parents because I am going to be stuck with them for a while They are strange as fuck My dad is a classic nerd and my mother was wild in college I’m pretty sure that she did cocaine at a party in college once I honestly couldn’t tell you how they ended up together I have no idea what to expect from this quarantine I’m going to try to be productive and stay positive Maybe something good will come out of this I’ve already improved my personal hygiene—it’s hard to stay super hygienic in college I’ve been eating a lot healthier too since college cafeterias are no longer part of my daily routine I also have a good excuse for being single I’m going to take this time to find out more about myself Maybe a boyfriend isn’t what I need right now Although if a cute guy were to enter my life right now I am not sure I would be able to refuse him Even if he got me infected… Day 1 My quarantine hasn’t been too bad so far I started off by cleaning my room I found a lot of dust under my bed and on my windows that desperately needed attention My closet was a disaster too I found a ton of clothes that haven’t fit me since middle school After I went for a run in my neighborhood and discovered that my neighbors were completely disregarding the social distancing protocol I didn’t heckle them or anything for disobeying the rules but I was disappointed You really discover who people really are when the world goes to shit I laid on my bed for a while and ended up reading an entire book I haven’t been committed to a book like that since the Harry Potter books I was lowkey impressed with myself After I fell asleep for a couple hours I have a feeling that naps are going to be a big part of my daily routine even if I try to resist them Next I checked my school email and discovered that all my classes are moving to a virtual platform called Zoom I have no idea how virtual chemistry labs are going to work Hopefully my professor will save everyone the stress and give us all an A I checked my Instagram feed and ended up making a clever post I got the most likes I have ever gotten which was satisfying I am going to try to be more regular with my social media posts Now I’m sitting at my desk listening to The Weeknd’s new album I love his angelic voice and atmospheric beats I’m trying to come up with a list of goals for myself for quarantine read a book try to spend more time with my parents do yoga 3 times per week post regularly on social media get laid This is probably influenced by The Weeknd’s erotic music but sex does sound nice right now It sounds so nice that I grab my dildo out of my drawer and take my pants off I slide it slowly into my vagina at first and gradually increase the speed I imagine my ideal guy on top of me penetrating me and whispering dirty things in my ear I am getting so wet It is surprising how responsive I am to this little toy Using my other hand I start massaging my clit Now I’m forcefully moving the dildo in and out of my pussy In my mind my ideal man is caressing my back and clapping my cheeks hard as fuck I start moaning and eventually I come all over my bed sheets The initial pleasure from the orgasm quickly wears off Instead of feeling blissful I feel ashamed of myself for not finding a man since high school The loneliness is suffocating I feel myself sinking into my bed drowning in my tears slowly Everyone seems to have found someone except for me Meme










Harry Potter

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