states that when inside a penitentiary Executive order 319 of the Federal Code of Penitentiaries Gentlemen you will not get through this gate with your firearms the officers of that institution have final authority 29 and a w de was the of protocol ro you I'm sure but I have to stress the foflowing unmonitored contact with patients of this institution is forbidden Is that understood? ards cld up one b de a onels he full mand ary but SHUTTER ISLAND Teddy almost said Yes sir as if he were back in basic but he stopped short with a simple Yes 1Ward A of this institution is the building behind nece t of God ed to his rib c ward is to my left Ward C is beyond those bluffs di- rectly behind this compound and the staff quarters housed in what was once Fort Walton Admittance to Ward C is forbidden without the written consent and physical presence of both the warden and Dr Caw- ley Understood? Another set of nods McPherson held out one massive palm as if in nd then me to my right the male ward Ward B the female his black said Yo red on supplication to the sun You are hereby requested to surrender your firearms Chuck looked at Teddy Teddy shook his head Teddy said Mr McPherson we are duly ap- key to open gate swung vent in as tw pointed federal marshals We are required by govern- ment order to carry our firearms at all times McPherson's voice hit the air like steel cable me to a stop is full heigh Executive Order three-nine-one of the Federal Code of Penitentiaries and Institutions for the o give you quirement to bear arms is superseded only by the di- rect order of his immediate superiors or that of Criminally Insane states that the peace officer's re- ed all the persons entrusted with the care and protection of De you penal or mental health facilities Gentlemen you find yourself under the aegis of that exception You will Absolu not be allowed to pass through this gate with your point firearms e can gne n the fTeddy looked at Chuck Chuck tilted his head at McPherson's extended palm and shrugged Shutter Island 2003-book 2010-movie difference between the dialogues of Deputy McPherson to Teddy and Chuck Meme











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