starkswhee queercyberoceancowgirl tulparightsactivist cheshireinthemiddle joekewlio systlin jabberwockypie kayrowhitesyrup black-girl-against-feminism keyhollow surprisebitch pancakes are made of eggs omfg Y’all are crazy if you think a chicken won’t happily eat eggs Y’all insane if you think a chicken won’t tear some nuggets UP You are ON CRACK if you think a chicken won’t just eat another injured chicken Me and some friends were collecting eggs on this farm We dropped one of them and they went absolutely apeshit over that damn egg Not even the shell was left I know people think chickens are herbivores but they absolutely aren’t Chickens are omnivores They eat meat they eat eat all sorts of fruits and vegetables This isn’t really well known to people who live off of farms or who have never spent time on one It’s also thanks to tv and movies not showing this side of chickens It’s why eggs and chicken meat saying they come from “free-range vegetarian chickens” are HILARIOUS because if they’re free-range you can’t control that and the tiny dinosaurs ARE going to eat a lot of things And if a mouse meets an early demise because it came near the tiny dinosaurs … ¯_ツ_¯ As a kid I once threw the neighbor’s chickens a chicken nugget just to see what would happen Answer they fuckin demolished it Tore it apart and wolfed it down in seconds Rose tinted chicken glasses used to be a very common invention for chickens because if they saw a speck of blood on another chicken they would gang up on it and murder it to death and feast on it Actual piranhas don’t act like Hollywood piranhas Chickens however do act like Hollywood piranhas Those fuckers get a taste for blood and they become fucking ravenous fiends They’re still very much dinosaur Pancakes are looking a little tame huh? Meme











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