Soyfun Neofun Nu-fun These are basically the same as neofun games except they try to hide that fact Thanks to devious marketing and shilling these games get unwarranted praise on the internet These are mostly enjoyed by wannabees who don't want to be lumped in with the 'normal crowd' but lack any form of actual skill They get tricked into thinking they're playing a proper game and are experiencing a false sense of fun Games that only appeal to the lowest common denominator and don't try to hide that fact Gameplay has been simplified so that the average retard doesn't feel too challenged These people don't actual enjoy video games There's no actual fun to be found in these games Only peer pressure and a false sense of accomplishment Even though these games have a bad reputation on the internet they still sell like hotcakes A new type of none-fun caused by the rise of effeminate manchildren Too much soy intake by these individuals causes the estrogen to take over the host's mind After which the host can only derive joy from pushing liberal values and reminiscing his childhood High estrogen levels are also detrimental for their motoric skills Aside from being unable to keep their mouths closed the gameplay has to be baby-tier or non-existent for these soyboys to enjoy Falleut NEROPARA CALL DUTY NEW VEGAS VOL1 BLACK OPS PECE Fate Grand Order SUPER MAR ODYSSEY BAITLEFIELD Meme







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