Sophia Benoit @1followernodad ok here's the deal Yes it was dumb of NASA to ask Sally Ride if she needed 100 tampons for a 7-day mission but I would have said Actually I need 250 because that's free tampons from the government babbbbyyy 1022 PM Aug 16 2019 Twitter Web App appropriately-inappropriate you-cannot-shut-me-up talvin-muircastle signoraviolettavalery haunted-meat dennator25 So this seems dumb…and it is…but it’s dumb with a purpose I can almost guarantee you the exact line of reasoning that gets NASA engineers to 100 Ok first of all assume the worst and assume she needs the max amount of tampons possible for all days Now lets count it up 7 days? Better be safe and make it 10 3 tampons a day at worst? Better be safe and make it 5 So that gives us 50 tampons Ok Double it And that’s how you get 100 It’s ridiculous but NASA has a culture of “overengineer absolutely everything to do with human safety and then design around it” which is actually pretty cool Listen I know this gets made fun of so much but likeI am a woman who has periods and I have absolutely no idea how many tampons a woman requires in a week I use primarily pads But these men at the least ASKED her instead of making unfounded assumptions Which would you rather be A The NASA Director Who Sent Too Many? B The NASA Director Who Didn’t Send Enough? Fair point It’ not like she could’ve popped over to the corner drugstore to buy more! Not to mention — space is a hostile environment with multiple dangers so having multiple redundancies is a bonus Tampons being ultra-absorbent reasonably clean and conveniently sized can be used to staunch nosebleeds or could be used to block a leak in a pipe You never know what you’ll need until you need it and weirder shit has saved lives at NASA Meme




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