So recently the players in my campaign when exploring into a sewer network where lately people have been disappearing Their goal to find and save a local Priestess down there who can get a curse off an NPC member of the party The players explore the sewers and happen upon a nest of 4 Wererats DM Me Ok you happen upon a nest of wererats rolls several dice none of them have noticed you yet What do you do? Eldritch Knight immediately I cast Disguise Self I make myself look like a humanoid rat creature and put a crown on my head I walk up to them am immediately concerned Eldritch Knight I call out to them and proclaim that I am their king I'd like to roll to persuade them to follow me so that we can invade the surface world DM Make a Deception Check Eldritch Knight rolls a 19 Iroll Insight checks for all four rats with advantage due to their keen smell None of them roll above 10 DM The rats regard you as a leader figure You've gained 4 followers The party then proceeds through the dungeon trying to find the kidnapped citizens while fighting denizens of the dark I am secretly panicking as the rats are immune to all non-magical damage Nothing in the dungeon can harm them including the Boss The party quickly figures this out I proceed to shoehorn in a Shambling Mound as I have an idea DM You happen upon a Shambling Mound Roll Initiative Eldritch Knight My rats attack as a swarm I proceed to have all the rats engulfed by the mound hoping to suffocate all of them and kill them before the final boss Eldritch Knight I run towards the Mound and try a pull my rats out by hand DM Make a Strength Saving Throw against the mound's engulf If you succeed make a Strength Check on all four rats The entire party stacks Help action after Help action to aid the Knight Three rats escape while one dies inside the mound before it perishes However the Eldritch Knight's Disguise Self spell wears off DM Your magical disguise has weaned The Wererats look to you in shock and awe Eldritch Knight I run over to the dead rat and mourn him I cry to try and convince the other rats that I am still a friend DM groaning Make a Performance Check Natural 20 I desperately roll Insight with advantage on the three remaining rats hoping for a Natural 20 too None of them roll above 15 DM Your rats squeak amongst themselves and seem convinced you're still an ally The party happens upon the survivors and the kidnappees before getting to the boss DM You've found the survivors There is 20 of them in total if you- Eldritch Knight I sick my wererats upon all of them I turn to the player in shock Eldritch Knight My wererats bite all of the survivors I need every one of them to make Constitution Saving throws against DC 12 or be cursed with wererat lycanthropy Any of them that succeed they attack again The party is furious but the Eldritch Knight calmly explains that they already know the priestess knows the Remove Curse spell When the boss is killed and it's all over she can un-curse herself and even all of the survivors The curse will make it easier to keep them alive too The party agrees on the condition the Priestess remain uncursed DM You now have 22 wererats following you The party nears the boss room and internally I am screaming In my final act of desperation I alter the boss's statistics so that they have several attacks which deal acid damage and several AoEs Anything that makes sense DM You enter the room and the boss appears Roll Initiative The small platoon of wererats tank every hit the boss dishes Several of the rats are performing the Help action on the players and things are looking extremely one-sided 5 rounds into combat and none of them have taken any meaningful amounts of damage I stop and smile I have an idea DM One of the wererats seems to be rallying the others to do something You can't understand what it's saying One of the wererats usurps the Eldritch Knight as the leader the rats all turn upon the party in the middle of the boss fight DM Everyone make Constitution Saving Throws Anything below 12 means you're cursed with wererat Lycanthropy Miraculously only the Eldritch Knight fails the saving throws Eldritch Knight immediately turns He embraces the curse to maintain control of himself He goes to combat his rebellious rat while the rest of the party severely wounded from the onslaught of rat bites continues to fight the boss Eldritch Knight kills his usurper The party finishes off the boss DM The boss is dead You have 21 wererats impressed by your strength You yourself are also a wererat What do you do? Eldritch Knight I tell the party to go on without me I'll start a new society down here and they can continue the quest without me while tend to my people The Eldritch Knight stays down in the sewers with the survivors while the party returns to the surface with the priestess ready to continue the quest My player who played the Eldritch Knight rolls a new character I ask why he did that he responds with Nothing I could do from that point on would ever be able to top that I nod All hail the Rat King All Hail the Rat King Meme


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