Settle down I put it on snap chat thumbs up!!!! Apart from the f$&ing bag of shit that thought it was a good opportunity to go though ppls mail I hit him up called him things under the moon he ran and this was all I could get Prob 16-18 yo Hoody with a beak rim hat stuck in his ass 6h Like Reply Was this on Sunday night? Our mail got done too! Noticed all the mail boxes in our building were open on Monday morning and a lot of mail in the garden!! 6h Like Reply he told me he was doing letter drop offs to promote his new construction company as stairs jumped in the car and was gone drove around the hood for 30 min 6h Reply Like am your neighbour I was wearing a white t-shirtno hoodie and I was letterbox-dropping to raise awareness ofand possibly prevent a huge construction happening on YOUR street that will disrupt YOUR lifestyle and diminish YOUR property value I'm surprised my calm and rational explanation of a very topical construction that you should be aware of went right over your head Go ahead and check your mail I do not appreciate your embarrassing display of ignorance or how you instantly approach strangers with rage irrationality and infantile profanity and I hope you don't approach the rest of your neighbours in such a manner And seriously pal accusing someone of theft who is literal meters away from police? You're not the neighbourhood hero tonight just the drunk uncle who likes trouble 5h Reply Like and I didn't run I let you berate me then walked away as you struggled to figure out how to unlock an iPhone 10 5h Reply Like Wow 16m Like Reply Guy boasting on Facebook community page being called out Meme








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