Reddit taking sides on a political or social issue starter pack The same image with text spammed on every subreddit Conspiracy theories about Reddit admins and mods removing posts PEOPLE IN HONG KONG ARE STILL BEING ATTACKED BY THE URGENT You have the power to successfully say Fuck the Chinese Government on Reddit without getting removed Oddly Specific selfgodtiersuperpowers 3 2 submitted 19 hours ago by 2948 comments share save hide report If you're not freaking out about Net Neutrality right now you're not paying attention GOVERNMENT TRIADS Reddit is partially owned by a Chinese company who take down anti Chinese posts- we can't let this happen- be on the right side of history SPREAD THIS MESSAGE Share this right now X wants this picture removed from the internet!!! FUCK THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT #FREEDOMFORHK Politics This image is illegal in China Tiananmen Square 1989 massacre 146172 points 3231 comments submitted 1 day ago by co httpsiredditmbn5z9cr5qr31jpg to rpics Politics This image of Xi Jiping as Winnie the Pooh is illegal in mainland China 165098 points 997 comments submitted 9 days ago by to rpics o httpsiimgurcomv60fY9Upng At least four pictures of protestors on rall at all times Donald Trump wants this picture removed from the internet DON'T SHARE IT! 80923 points 2963 comments submitted 1 month ago by o httpsiredditb2sc4zhkp3j31jpg to rPoliticalHumor Politics Hong Kong protesters fighting for their freedom 114618 points 1585 comments submitted 11 hours ago by to rpics co httpsiredditjc0e6bvymwr31jpg Front page full of posts not even directly related to the main issue Global Climate Strike 2K19 If you shout Taiwan No1 in this game Chinese gamers go nuts Meme

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