rzerocarb А uNewLifeNow13-43d Hair loss I've been losing a noticeably amount of hair the past few weeks Is it adaption? l've been doing zero carb for months now 會 21 26 u Share rzerocarb uxMidianx9d Worsening eyesight on ZC? Was 7 months strict keto after that switched to ZC Now being 35 months ZC and noticed for the last 2 weeks my distance vision getting worse blurry Anyone experienced this in regards to ZC? No noticeable vision changes when I was on keto I'm 31 years old 8 Share rzerocarb umy_user_account 24d carnivore since 2017-02 Toothpaste yes or no? My ZC diet is extremely clean No spices whatsoever Salt is down to a smidgen per meal I stopped using toothpaste about 6 weeks ago I still brush but water only The results have been no problems Anyone else tried this? 1 19 17 Share rzerocarb ureddiru 39d My Gums Are Bleedi Ever since beginning zero carb I have had terribly sensitive gums One stroke of the tooth brush is all it takes to make them bleed I have been ZC for 3 months and I have been eating liver heart ground beef and marrow Everything that I eat is raw I don't mean to bring up the vitamin c discussion again but the only thing that I found as a reason for bleeding gums is vitamin c deficiency Any thoughts? 28 u Share not-a-space-alien scotchtapeofficial bjorkington rzerocarb is my new favorite subreddit new trend scurvy This is why you always talk to a doctor or a real actual science-based dietician before you try any sort of radical diet Because if any of these people had been like “doc what if I cut out carbs from my diet completely?” Any good counselor would have been like “hey ABSOLUTELY do not do that” Meme











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