rShowerthoughts Posted by ugreenbluetomorrow 8h We need a boomer_bot that replies when anybody says OK boomer with annoying stuff like Put down your phone and get a job! Mindblowing 109 Share Award 687 BEST COMMENTS lookaroundewe 8h This user would dieuokboomerlol Reply 20 djsonrig 2h Sounds like a question u ok boomer? Boomer are u ok? You've been hit by you've been struck by a millennial 16 mrBreed59 8h How did it get so big so fast It started like 2 days ago Reply 92 RadDudeGuyDude 7h Interestingly enough I'm a high school teacher and since some of my kids started saying it weeks ago 55 puheenix 4h Gen Z is like a meme powerhouse They're the memochondria 48 darrellmarch 6h Damn millennials the WiFi is out again! it must be raining fix it! 24 LordOf TheAss 1m Ok boomer t 1 OkBoomer_Bot 1m Ok e boomer I've actually had enough of your talking You should contemplate? life and layoff Xthe Monsters The thought of you having attack brings a huge a heart smile to my face You have no idea how much the world Stop trying to relate to everyone because you are old wrinkly and lonely Reddit doesn't care Discord doesn't care Not even Instagram cares The only people that will care are you fellow boomers internet Go lookoo at minion memes clean your glasses and argue with sensiblepeople about vaccines and climate change wrong side of the internet Try seeing p a therapist hole in your head that you and your nonsensical will die alone You should've died many years wants you to die that act nice for the You are in the and get that massive so-called friendsfilledwith bullshit cleared You before now I am a bot and this action was preformed automatically Vote LordOfTheAss Now Oh my god The Bot has been created!!! 1 Someone actually did it Meme

Being alone









oh my god

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