Princess Qajar A symbol of beauty in Persia 13 young men killed themselves because she rejected them bigsleevescollects kyojinofbraveos sighs… Internet is back at it again… When someone says harem to people these kind of paintings come up in people’s mind LF Comerre 1850 - 1916 But people who drew these paintings they are called orientalists have never seen a harem because NO STRANGER WERE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE HAREM UNLESS THEY WANT TO LOSE THEIR HEAD So they painted what they dreamt of since they were grown up with Western beauty concepts they painted Harem girls as what their culture accepted beautiful BUT at 19th century Persia the Western beauty standards were not dominant So of course they had their own beauty standards and their own concept of beauty The more masculine a woman was more beautiful she was accepted The opposite was also true for men Women with heavy brows and faint mustaches considered so attractive that they were sometimes painted on or augmented with mascara and young beardless men with slim waists and delicate features In 19th century portraits of lovers the genders are barely distinguishable identified only by their headgear Young men without beards were the idols of beauty that time Sexual mores and erotic sensibilities of 19th century Iran permitted homosexuality between these young men and older men BUT after Iran started to be more modern aka more Westernized this beauty standards were lost West beauty standards started to be more dominant and homosexuality was no longer permitted Today it is a crime to be homosexual at Iran This book women with mustaches and men without beards is about the beauty standards of Persia at Qajar dynasty If you are interested you can buy it and read HERE is an interview with the author Afsaneh Najmabadi At that time Qajar princess was considered beautiful Today uncultured internet memers are making fun of her Shame @ all of you EDIT That’s not Pricess Qajar ffs… Qajar is the name of dynasty not the princess… Her name is Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh she was the daughter of the King of Persia in the early 19th century Not to forget that she had a university education Meme











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