President Trump The First Six Months Appointed an Honorable Supreme Court Justice Withdrew from the Corrupt TPP Agreement Eliminated Job Killing Regulations Opened First New Coal Mine in Decades Will Continue Keystone & Dakota Energy Pipelin Selling American Made Energy to Poland Pulled Out of Job Killing Paris Environmental Accord Signed Over 13 CRA's Congressional Review Acts Worked With Congress to Pass 28 New Laws Signed 30 New Executive Order Eliminating Many Corrupt Executive Orders Created by Obama MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Has Signed 40 New Bills Into Laws Ending Catch & Release Immigration Policy Greatly Increased Border Security Won 4 Out of 4 Special Election Wins Illegal immigration Arrests Up %38 Reduced illegal Border Crossings %73 Helped Increase ICE Power and Abilities ICE Makes Over 41000 Arrests in 100 Day Kate's Law Increased Penalties for Previously Deported Criminal No Sanctuary for Criminals Act Punishing Sanctuary Cities OF THE Eliminated DACA and Will Let DAPA Expire Border Wall Begins Construction Soon Hostile Nation Travel Ban Protecting America Refugee Intake Reduced Over %50 DENT $100 Million to Fix Water Problems in Flint Michigan Sending Federal Government to Help Chicago Crime Epidemic Increasing Funds to Modernize the Veterans Administration Rebuilding America's Military and Supporting Our Troops Supporting Law Enforcement Agencies in America Seeking to Increase Penalties for Violent Criminals Pulling Billions in Funds from the United Nations Federal Debt Reduced by $100 Billion Cut Wasteful Staffing Requirements in Government Saving Millions Led US Manufacturing Index to a 33 Year High Job Creation Increasing at Incredible Rate Worked With Small Business Leaders to Help Our Economy Signed Buy American Hire American Initiative Helping to Reduce Food Stamp Dependency Putting People Back to Work Introduced a Tax Reform Plan to Help Hard Working Americans Stock Market & The Dow Jones are Booming National Unemployment at 16 Year Low Some States Experiencing Lowest Unemployment in Their History Greatly Increased Consumer Confidence Strengthening Relations with UK China Russia and Japan Freed Humanitarian Workers in Egypt Syrian Cease Fire with Russia and Jordan Cracking Down on ISIS and North Korea Ending Tax Payer Funding for Abortion Protected Religious Liberties for All Americans Re-Established National Space Council And the Best is Yet to Come! MAGA!! TRUMP ACCOMPLISHMENT FROM 2016 TO NOW Meme









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