politicalsci Bernie Sanders has won the popular vote in the first three primaries Bernie Sanders has been polled as the only nominee who would beat Trump Bernie Sanders has been polled as having the highest support among non-white voters Bernie Sanders has been polled as having a 12 point national lead over all other nominees running Bernie Sanders has been polled as having the most support among Independents and Democrats Every candidate except Bernie Sanders has said they will allow unelected superdelegates to choose the nominee even if someone else goes into the convention with the most delegates They each think a brokered convention could work in their favor In reality it would likely mean Biden or Bloomberg will become the Democratic nominee and result in the complete ruination of the Democratic Party and Donald Trump being re-elected In order for there NOT to be a brokered convention Bernie Sanders needs to reach 1991 delegates to win the Democratic nomination Please vote for Bernie! HOW TO HELP BERNIE 2020 Send texts —> httpberniesanderscomtext Make phone calls —> httpberniesanderscomcall Travel to an Early State —> httpberniesanderscomberniejourney Download the BERN app —> httpberniesandersapplink Get involved —> httpberniesanderscomvolunteer Donate —> httpssecureactbluecomdonatebern-site?refcode=splash-top-right Meme

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