oving events to rights and maybe discover the conversation string affecting the world over time Then we head to the beach to confront our truth about your mysterious past Odyssey looks set to Origins with a skew towards more some bold new directions The people off cliffs but with additions sandals of an outcast mercenary how characters behave around you This could feel very similar to take the series insea warfare and 300-kicking larger fights will feature up to 300 characters in a battle just like a famous movie Amid the chaos we spot our target and enter some Origins-like combat with dodges parries and strikes offering a tactical skirmish We also see the Spartan-kick in action as Kassandra smashes her foe in the gut sending him falling backwards There's a neat parry move too where she can disarm her enemy flipping his shield skywards setup sees you slip into the like dialogue choices that affect playing as either Alexios or Ubisoft is slowly adding more Kassandra - on a journey from complexity to its RPG-lite ideas coun ar tactical scoundrel to Spartan warrior Ahead of you lays a whole lot of SOCRATIC QUESTIONING human history- Periods n collectibles the entirety of Greece In the E3 demo we see much of what's new play out first with Kassandra engaging in wordpla building a guild to set the world to with Socrates our choices in the explore and maybe an olive branch or two as you set about While on the surface it shares a lot with Origins scratch deeper and this adventure has many features we've not seen before in Assassin's Creed - it could well be this generation's Black Flag THIS ADVENTURE HAS MANY FEATURES WE'VE NOT SEEN BEFORE IN ASSASSIN'S CREED ion BEST SANDBOX E3 SHOWFLOOR VERDICT Assassin's Creed go next? Turns out Ubisoft is taking us to Ancient Alexios or Kassandra your choice of gender doesn't affect the story you get caught up in And if Origins' map was big Odyssey's is bigger still covering chunks of the mainland Ubisoft promises hundred of quests' will be available and there's certainly the space for them There's evern scope for naval battles on the open seas This sandbox is so big you could well get lost in it ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY Format PS4 ETA 5 0ct Pub Ubisoft Dev Ubisoft Montreal video-games-girls-play-to all assassin’s creed odyssey pages scans from the official playstation uk magazine august 2018 Meme










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