MONSTER GIRL I Am NOT A HUMAN GIRL I HAVE SEEN HUmANAND IN MAGAUNES GIRLS ON THE NONE OF THEM ARE SmOOTH wHERE I HAVmy SizE OR SHAPE HumAN GIRLS ARE HAIR EvEN THE CURVY ONES EveN WHEN THEY'RE SUPPOEED TO LOOK A meSS W ARE NOTHING ALIKE BEING A moNSTER EXCEP T HA HA HA OTHER PEOPLE MINDA LOT So UGLY SO UGLY WHy DO You LooK TCH ATTRCTİYE RLS SHOULD SHA LIKE THAT Guys DONT LUKEe TO FLOsS wHEN WISH YOU DIDNT oK How YOU GIRLS! WHY DO PE PLE HATEI must BE A mONSTER my BODy? wHy Do THEY WANT m€ TO CHANGE IT SoMUCH? CUTEOSPHERE teslacarter cuteosphere it always disappointed me that Monster Girls are an anime porn thing rather than something used to explore the way society and the media dehumanises women but oh well shout out to all my fellow monsters This is so on point In my writing my main female characters are always some sort of monster Giant werewolf girl that can rip your throat out? Yep I started really realizing that maybe there’s something wrong with the world and not me when the only way I could make a character I truly understood how to write was if they were able to shapeshift into a huge monstrous thing with snarling maws and fur everywhere I just gave up and went “FINE I guess I’m a monster then!” and embraced the fur and fangs and everything else that made people afraid of me Like not shaving my armpits or my legs Heck I won’t even be as invested in a game as I might if I can’t either play as a non-human character or make myself a non-human character I bought Guild Wars 2 simply because of the Charr I knew nothing about MMORPGs at the time I just saw sabercat people and bought it I love this comic I love the message One that is so hard to articulate Meme










I Won

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