minecraft Had a dream that i was playing on some new massively popular minecraft server the gamemode was mostly pvp based i was wearing a dragon head that gave me good armor stats and you couldn't craft or harvest most things everyone who joined during the opening got a furnace and then after that no more furnaces were added to the game someone stole my furnace because i put it down without a property sign attached to it so i stole someone else's furnace by breaking their property sign with a single-use gold axe and then taking the furnace sugarcane was apparently a rare item along with oak wood stairs and lime dye the economypolitics was built around which factions had the most furnaces and rares minecraft some faction leader built a hut out of only oak wood stairs from their members in some marsh somewhere and they were literally viewed as some sort of deity lime dye took a massive hit in price for some reason everyone wanted sugarcane for some reason and more furnaces added to the game via care packages that drop from the sky minecraft Here's a recreation of the hut the surroundings aren't that accurate but i wanted to build just the hut the furnaces would have signs on them that say something to the effect of OWNER BOWGOD1337 if i cared to be entirely accurate minecraft Saw this pop up in my activity feed again and I realize now that not only is this dream entirely possible in vanilla MC 18 but that it also reflects how a lot of servers are If this was a real server you'd get dollars for killing mobs and players that aren't of your own faction that you haven't killed recently and you'd be able to use said dollars to buy gold nuggets and then instead of crafting them into ingots you'd either smelt 64 of them to make 1 gold ingot or exchange 100 of them with a blacksmith for 1 gold ingot this is why furnaces are important minecraft Ferocious Dragon Head Protection V Blast Protection Fire Protection V Thanks for supporting the server! When on head +33% Max Health +33% Speed +2 Armor Toughness +3 Armor 491 notes The embodiment of Minecraft itself has a dream about Factions Meme

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