MENU Smart people listen to Radiohead and dumb people listen to Beyoncé according to study BY ALEX YOUNG ON OCTOBER 22 2014 330PM 0876 0916 0956 0996 1036 1076 1116 1156 1196 1236 276 Lif Wayne Classic Rock Cbldplay Sufjan Stevens Rock Third Eye Blind Snow Patrol Soca Counting Bob Dylan Crows Hip Hop Gospel The Eagles Beyonce Blink 182 U2 Ludacris Jimi The Beatles T Reggae Kanye West Hendrix Radiohead Reggaeton Techno Red Hot Chili Peppers The Used Country。 Outkast Guster Ben Folds Jazz Kelly Clarksorn Rage Against The Machine Beck R& B Tool Phish Oldies 。Shins The The Grateful Dead Jay-Z Af FACEBOOK TWITTER t TUMBLR REDDIT How does a person's intelligence relate to the type of music they listern to? For the last several years a software application writer by the name of Virgil Griffith has charted musical tastes based on the average SAT scores of various college institutions For example students attending the California Institute of Technology have an average SAT score of 1520 By looking at Facebook to determine the most popular or liked band of students at Cal Tech Griffith was able to conclude that Radiohead really truly is music for smart people A highly scientific study I know simoncowellilluminati orestian tomfordvelvetorchid antiandrogen mentholrubs 997 which rick and morty fan did this if sufjan stevens is the apex is smart ppl music I’ll go with being dumb Yhdgajfgsnkgaosgfjaogjkadslfgafd THE IRONY OF SOMEONE THINKING THEY WERE BEING SCIENTIFIC IN DOING THIS This feels racist i … i think he’s the geekass white neuroscientist who wrote the wikiedits thing ??? edit yup same guy who fucking dumbasses are out here listening to ben folds and counting crows Meme





Philadelphia Eagles



Jay Z



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