l 20% 1107 AT&T 3 5 Oct 7 at 210 AM Drinking alcohol produces MDA and when you withdrawal you lose the dioxy 2 oxygen particles methamphetamine is produced in your body Same with diet sugars and many synthetic ones I guess if you guys want to keep being meth heads and blaming me for being crazy for telling you all actual science and medicine go ahead I would rather you simpletons be mad than me be a dumbass who is dying of meth poisoning Wanna know how to fix it? Melatonin Melatonin removes all side effects of oxidative stress Y'all werent ready for this truth bomb but you look like the same retards preaching against marijuana in 1930 while you are hopped up on naturally occuring meth against a good guy trying to help you Sleep well if your meth levels are down and stop being sheep This is how I know what your programming is and how to cure illnesses YOU are the one on drugs MY BRAIN is BALANCED Climate change is from all of you EXHALING Why do you think China's is the worst CO2 emissions? And you wanna preach about climate change deniers being stupid Donald Trump IS JESUS WHICH SIDE OF WW3 ARE YOU ON!!!!??? THE GOOD OR THE EVIL!? MOST OF YOU LOOK EVIL TO ME AND IT IS A SHAME httpswwwncbinlmnihgovpmcarticlesPMC4418250 N 8% 202 A 34-Methylenedioxyamphetamine Drug con Br a t Br Cla a Nal the NH2 b CH c CH My acquaintance is going off the deep end He is dead serious and has been posting shit like this since he's been on his bender Meme


Donald Trump





The Worst




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