just-a-little-anxious warriorsofficial asleepinawell operahousebookworm robynspreciousnest fandersunite its-eggo astral-ghoul ninapop45 deceit-the-snakey-snake plaid-n-converse cherrysconeslut pawsofponies garecc inthishousewekinkshamefnaf inthishousewekinkshamefnaf buggykin inthishousewekinkshamefnaf inthishousewekinkshamefnaf biggest-goofiest-fish desertdaylight kait-the-kitty chiribomb politicalcompassmemes your-uncle-dave maps-and-elvis-and-zelda-n-shit japhers jewishzevran animatedamerican pagesofkenna mommacomms fidefortitude bl00dlikeice elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey plaid-n-converse memeception WE’VE HIT TERMINAL MEME @caesarianconfection I’ve said “I hate this” so many times on this website and never actually meant it because “I hate this” is just shorthand for ‘this is an example of a meme given a twist I wasn’t expecting with intent to surprise’ Which is in of itself a meme on this site God damn it But this… This is something else The rapidity of a meme’s introduction to its zenith to its decline is so rapid that in ten years you’ll need a damn twenty-page manual to explain this It’ll be as unfunny and hard to explain as jokes in Shakespeare plays except even more inexplicable because fuck at least Shakespeare’s jokes are usually about anal or fucking your mother good wholesome sex jokes we can all get behind For the love of fuck how do you explain lossjpg? How do you explain gun? …I THOUGHT THIS WAS A YMCA REFERENCE it is a YMCA reference - that’s one of the 6 memes being represented here ok let me see if i can break this down easily YMCA is the easiest place to start - the song itself has become a meme over time with people changing the lyrics to reference other pop cultural events so YMCA is meme one 1 this first lyric replacement ”take the breadsticks and run” is a reference to the tumblr meme ‘stuffing breadsticks into my purse’ i think everyone remembers that one so i wont bother to explain it that’s meme two 2 “man door hand hook car door” is a meme of its own a creepypasta from i dont remember when it was a terrible stupid retelling of the generic ‘stuck in a car while hook handed man tries to kill us’ story so the stupid title caught on for memorability that in and of itself is meme three 3 ‘gun’ is… yeah i dont know how to explain gun long story short you add gun to the end of a phrase instead of what you expect the last word to be its shock funny its everywhere but its popular to add to “man door hand hook car door” for some reason? gun is meme four 4 and the thing is this four meme combo is something thats gone around before meme combos are itself a meme which means taking this meme combo and mixing in another meme actually becomes meme five 5 which leaves us at lossjpg lossjpg was a terrible bad comic supposed to be about some tragic event but it was presented so poorly literally no one takes it seriously and for some reason recreating the four-panel setup has become popular so thats meme six 6 but i need to add that this is the greatest version of lossjpg i think i’ve ever seen the initial ‘young man’ lines up with the guy bursting through the door and the shock meme ‘gun’ matches the shock scene of the woman in the hospital and idk if OP even thought about that but it makes this just so much better I wasn’t going to reblog this but @pagesofkenna‘s comprehensive meme-by-meme annotation is a thing of beauty and should be shared average tumblr post contains one meme this post which contains six is an outlier and should not be counted it might also just be a coincidence due to lossjpg’s format but the whole white minimalist four-panel setup is also suspiciously reminiscent of those early 2000’s rage comics I was getting a political compass vibe too tag urself im man door hand hook car gun This works better than I thought it would This was in my senior project I’m not sorry EIGHT MEME COMBO FATALITY We have officially created a new language I just had to do it to em THIS FUCKING THREAD I’M GONNA CRY I LOST IT AND MAN DOOR HAND HOOK CAR GUN AND DIDN’T EXPECT MORE I’M SOBBING M E M E T E N OwO? W o w You know I had to I hope you know this is the most cursed addition to my post and I love it THIRTEEN!? SOMEONE EDIT THIS FROM THE ORIGINAL PHOTO SAYING “this one does not spark joy” TO THIS VERSION SAYING “this one sparks joy” well i added my contribution why— IM SCREAMING This is the most elaborate meme I have ever seen and damn am I concerned by how it makes sense “You’re in your 30s but you still understand all this meme stuff?”“Oh yeah sure”“Can you explain it to me?”“I absolutely fucking cannot” can you believe they couldn’t even get $3 million for this website yes I’m sorry but I had to Meme











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