Install Be X G starde G starde Messe G starde X Pencil G custor Custo ercomstardew-valley-mods Show The PCGAMER SMAPI 2112 - running Stardew Valley 1336 with 35 mods ISMAPI Found 30 mods with warnings SMAPI SMAPI SMAPI Skipped mo ds These mods could not be added to your gane but none of them re nanifest ISMAPI json SMAPI 1 Please check for a new version at https modssmapiio SMAPI exist SMAPI this mod installed CustomFarming CustomFarningRedu SMAPI sn t exist SMAPI 1 An ywheredll doesn't exist ESMAPI SMAPI for a new version at https modssmapiio SMAPI 1 ESMAPI 1 e it contains files but none of them are manifestison SMAPI 1 assets because it contains files 's no longer compat ible L CustomFarm ing d11' doesn't Custom Element Handler 133 because it DL Custom Farming 061 because it nthm nll Custom Farn ing Redux 21016 because you have mltiple cOpies o Custom Furn iture 92 because its DLL CustomFunitured11' dc h nll nlln LL CustomFurn its Custom Furnit ure An ywhere 092 becase its D CustomNPCdll' doesn't exis Custom NPC 99 because its DLL GetDressed 352 because it s no longer compatible Please e overrides because it s an empty foIder Pencilstalh's Completed Portraits & Sheetcakeghost Sprites Ran's Fancy Farmerbecause it s not a SMAPI mod see httr API or SMAPI for short This is a community-made API that is frec updated and allows you to use DLL mods It's a slightly bigger ha these mods than the XNB ones-as you first need to install SMA download DLL mods to place into SMAPI's mod folder but it mods to make much deeper changes to the game You can d 1336-CustomNPC zip Custom Farming R 2p PYTK Platonymou CLOSE X How do i make dll files work? Meme


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