if you get these on halloween dont eat them and please throw them away inmediately they arent candy they are drugs if you have one you can have hallucinations if you have alot you could die please spread this around CK 125 imal Yo kaybee384 tehjai tarvalonsjw tehjai emotimau5 ponyartist2015 names-newt-greenie just thought I’d pass this on to tumblr please be careful at Halloween!! Wait what!? omg someone was handing these fuckers out at the art store today! as “Halloween candy” they smelled awful so i threw them in the trash!DEAR LORD! So they are actually doing this! Remember everyone! Don’t eat candy that has been opened or looks SUPER SUSPICIOUS Especially these! have… have none of you seen a tab of E well now that I googled it I have But here’s the thing this post is ridiculously uninformative even if it were true I know people really like to spread the mythos that people who use recreational drugs get off on foisting them on unsuspecting people By and large this is inaccurate and if it does occur it is less a function of recreational drug use and more a function of dipshitted irresponsible people Your responsible recreational drug-using friend should advise you what they’re giving you explain to you how it works and give you the opportunity to try it out in a situation you’re comfortable in with a backup plan to get you somewhere quiet and safe in the event of a bad trip And furthermore they should always respect your declination of the offer If they don’t they’re a jackass drug-user or not Plus this stuff costs serious money Why give it away to strangers for a laugh? Let’s get off that train it’s presumptuous and helps perpetuate that War on Drugs BSAnd by now we all fucking know to only eat wrapped-up candies from our trick-or-treat bags and to carefully inspect or throw out anything homemade from a strange source Safe Hallowe’ening 101 everybodyBut! Let’s talk a bit frankly about the compound pictured here MDMAEcstasy is a chemically synthesized compound so if you were to “eat” the “candy” it would pretty much taste like chewing on a Tylenol You’d get that same bitterness from the acids By and large it would be ridiculously unappealing Plus the tabs are generally speaking and most of the time literally shaped like pills sometimes embossed with a cool symbol They really don’t resemble candies at all and on the off chance you got a tab that was the jig would be up the minute you put one in your mouth Provided that the compound in the tablet is actually MDMA you will not have hallucinations You will have euphoria elevated body temperature and a ridiculous come-down but everything should be over in about 12-14 hours If you THINK you have been duped into taking E or something that looks like E here is what you do First off if it was presented to you as a candy and you get a “pill” taste in your mouth immediately spit it out rinse your mouth with water and eat something Save whatever’s left of what you were given until you’re all the way downback to normal In the event something goes awry and you need medical attention having what you took to show to the medical staff will help them treat you Try very hard not to panic None of these compounds will instantly kill you MDMA will elevate your body temperature Get some water and make sure you have some always on hand Sip don’t chug Try to avoid caffeine because if you got dosed with this stuff you’re going to be up for awhile If you get the euphoria simply ride it out If doing any of the above is impossible for whatever medical reason andor if you begin to feel uncomfortable physically or mentally go to the emergency room immediately When in the emergency room be upfront with the medical staff This is extremely important Be safe but be informed And for the love of toast don’t take unwrapped candies from strangers Now I will reblog this since someone sensible commented on it Meme











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