I am definitely going to steal my Neighbor's pomsky Fam! I’ve never seen anything this beautiful This is Lion King level love Circle of Life level love This right HERE Bruv?! This is lions and hyenas hugging and taking a nap together On some “we all have plenty of vegetables to eat let’s chill for a hot sec and be loving” This is the Israelis and Palestinians hugging it out and living peacefully with one another on some “u know what we eat the same falafel and hummus anyway and our ladies basically look the same Jewish girls may have slightly larger Tetas and Arabians might be a lil larger in the trunka dunk but basically the same lol let’s intermarry and end this intermillennial beef that made no logical sense ☺️” This is the Bears and the Green Bay Packers joining up to form one super team and they only have one kicker and he doesn’t end the season by missing an easy field goal 😕 Fam This is Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi waking up in bed together talmbout “there are no longer two political parties We only have one party now and it’s the Party of Love and everybody gets free medical care and goes to school for free and there are no taxes you just pay what you can like the tip jar at Starbucks” And then all the trump supporters like “WE WANTED A WALL” and trump like “effective immediately Mexico is the 51st state Canada is the 52nd France is the 53rd because I like French fries” And then Melania pop up like “wow doneld Nancy eez so old I deed not expect thees also why Croatia eez not 54th state” and then Donald all like “effectively immediately I am declaring an emergency and building a wall between the US and Croatia” and then Nancy pop up like “hehe what my love meant to say was no problem melania Croatia is the 54th state also don’t ever play me again you wish you had this sauce 🍝“ I HAVE LOST MY MIND FROM THESE VIDEOS I AM SORRY YALL LMAO BLESS UP 😍😂😂 Slide 1 reddit u-TigreDemon Slide 2 @carolinehdupont Videos used with express permission of the respective creators All rights are reserved to them Meme



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