Great response for the most part Thank you Christianity isn't based on any education or ability to pronounce the books of the Bible The term or title of a Christian is used and thrown around so broadly now days that it doesn't hold any true weight anymore to any one flavor of faith or belief Just claiming to be a Christian does not make one a Christian If a person claims to be a Christian they should be compassionate I agree but we are all fallible and have different faults I did a quick search and found multiple sites with this same or similar numbers A total of $778 billion in payments were found improperly filed or fraudulent in 2016 Source United States Government Accountability Office Fraud rates are actually high if you consider $778 billion dollars a lot of money and that's from 2016 I can only imagine it has increased in 3 years I didn't research it much further so these numbers could be wrong but that's what I'm going with If you find different numbers please share I collected unemployment for nearly a full year once and we had to go to the local food bank once a month to get by as unemployment wasn't sufficient We lost the house and had to live in a place that a friend of ours was willing to let us live in rent free till we could get on our feet again I wasn't poor then and I'm not claiming we were poor as I know there are many less fortunate than I was or ever will be Problem is when we did have money to go to the real grocery store with our last $15 we seen people wearing more gold jewelry than I ever owned pushing shopping carts full of groceries and then paying for it with food stamp cards all while talking on a new cell phone That pissed me off and it made me and my family bitter for a long long time I later realized that the welfare system creates a way of life for many families and that's all they know They know how to cheat the system they know how to answer the questions and how to get the most money and not work for a living These are the people that need to get off the system and they need to be shown how and given time to get off the system I agree - we need to help those that need lifted out of poverty I agree those that claim to be Christian should show more compassion towards those in need You can't seriously believe that conservatives have no empathy for the poor You need to stop watching the political news and talk to real people both liberal and conservatives I've found that liberals want to give give and give some more - no matter the cost or even thinking of where the money is going to come from - they just want to help by giving Conservatives want to help those that truly need help and helping in a way that is fiscally responsible for longer term of stability Welfare is bullshit because cheaters Meme









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