GOOD MORNING A WOMAN A CREWMAN duckbunny quirkquartz socialistexan jazzchordravepiano wetwareproblem amayakumiko thetrekkiehasthephonebox spocks–cock Christopher A woman? Kirk A crewman OH LOOK AT THAT THE 1960S AND SHE’S IN COMMAND GOLD FUCKERS She’s not in Medical blue a caretaking feminine role Those in Gold were either OFFICERS NAVIGATORS PILOTS TACTICAL OFFICERS or WEAPONS SPECIALISTS This is the Kirk everyone likes to forget Y’all if you care about feminism then you ought to care about the history and context of the miniskirt The 60s were an era of rebellion against the 50s and the skirts were part of it They were literally cutting edge fashion and a statement that women made against the more housewifey style of skirt from the decade before It was Grace Lee Whitney herself who suggested to Roddenberry that they wear them and Nichelle Nichols has said she never had a problem with them They are a product of their time yes but the women chose to wear them because of the context of that time Also some men in Starfleet ware miniskirts and dresses And some of the women wear pants They’re given the power of choice regardless of gender or sex Shit ‘-’ None of this even clicked to me - Thats fucking glorious D Picard in that dress is so good Look at him! He looks formal and serious and dignified! He looks like he’s captain of his ship and he’s got some important business to do And he’s in a dress and tights And it’s not a joke It’s not a joke about a man in a dress! It’s just you know a man who is wearing a dress and that’s normal and appropriate It’s part of the uniform It fits him It’s totally unremarkable and that is so rare and I’m so happy Meme





Good Morning






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