Folgen If all white women started dating and having kids with POC then we could do away with this White Supremacy bullshit Mixed races are the most beautiful No one would be different It everyone was different 1047 11 Aug 2019 33 Retweets 169 Gefällt mir-Angaben tI33 720 169 LUP SOS@ 11 Aug Antwort an @ Why just white women? Anyway that would take 10 thousand years Humans wont last that long ti 1 1 11 Aug It's the white men who are the angriest and shooting people It's up to women to make changes Women have the true power ti 2 40 7 Black beauty @ Who raised these racist white men????? Self preservation! No thanks! - 12 Aug Never Forget White Women grdeyE Ganc Are The First Teachers of ALL White Supremacist! 57 3 t 12 -12 Aug White Women act like they don't benefit from White Supremacy and they act like there weren't hundreds of them in terrorist groups like the KKK lol Q 1 ti 7 50 Black beauty @ 12 Aug Exactly! They want self preservation! Maybe she a black man! Black babies are the most beautiful! This beautiful family Shares their story Five kids BEFORE 30 FARty rellery 11-year-old Kheris Rogers went from being bulied because of her dark complexion to being featured on Teen Vogue's 21 under 21 list FLEXIN N MY 3 ti 4 23 Aunty 12 Aug THEE MOST BEAUTIFUL ti 1 12 SnowBall IlII @ 10 Std not to a lot of us whites are the prettiest 2 11 6 Std The Complexifier@ Plz be trolling 1 ou Too Can Have The Fruits of Life The clash of two perspectives Meme











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