dreamsofamadman somethingaboutdelia cryingalonewithfrankenstein This photo always cheers me up a bit It’s a front-page article from 1955 about Christine Jorgensen one of the first women to have sex-reassignment surgery Since the text is a bit small and I couldn’t find a larger copy here’s what the small blurb says A World of a Difference George W Jorgensen Jr son of a Bronx carpenter served in the Army for two years and was given honorable discharge in 1946 Now George is no more After six operations Jorgensen’s sex has been changed and today she is a striking woman working as a photographer in Denmark Parents were informed of the big change in a letter Christine that’s her new name sent to them recently This article is 58 years old and it’s more respectful of Christine’s pronoun choices and name than some publications are today It makes me happy to see a newspaper be respectful of a trans person’s choice of name and pronouns like that 3 Say it again for the haters in the back who want to keep pretending that trans people or even treating trans people with respect is even remotely anything new 😎 It’s worth mentioning that this was kinda celebrated as a wonder of the atomic age at the time “Look at the power of our scientists! Look at what we can do!”You know back when America was trying to be the leader in scientific advancement Meme






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