creative writing MASTERPOST studysection Hey guys! As a writer myself it’s hard to have a lot of resources for writing in one place That’s why I decided to create this masterpost and maybe make more if I find future resources I hope you like it and expect to see more masterposts like this in the future! Generators Character Appearance Generator Archetypes Generator Character Generator Character Traits Generator Family Generator JobOccupation Generator II Love Interest Generator Motive Generator Name Generator Personality Generator II Quick Character Generator Super Powers Generator Names Brand Name Generator Medicine Title Generator Name Generator Quick Name Generator Vehicle Generator Town Name Generator Plot First Encounter Generator First Line Generator II Plot Generator II III Plot Device Generator Plot Twist Generator Quick Plot Generator SettingWorld-Building City Generator Fantasy Race Generator Laws Generator Pet Generator Setting Generator Species Generator Terrain Generator Prompts Subject Generator ”Take Three Nouns” Generator Word Prompt Generator Misc Color Generator Decision Generator Dialogue Generator Journey Generator Title Generator II III Some Tips Just a few I found from the writing tips tag! Writing action @berrybird How to create a strong voice in your writing @collegerefs How to plot a complex novel in one day! @lizard-is-writing 8 ways to get past writer’s block @kiramartinauthor psa for writers @dasakuryo ”Write Using Your 5 Senses” @ambientwriting How People Watching Improves Your Writing @wherethetransthingsare Writing Science Fiction Tips for Beginners @fictionwritingtips Creating Likeable Characters @authors-haven Vocabulary Descriptive words @somekindofstudent Words to replace “Said” @msocasey Obscure color words @mintsteelpeachlilac Words to spice up your stories @busyibee Words to describe someone’s voice Words to Use Instead of Very @gaybybirth Touchy Feely Words @gaybybirth Some Advice Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules for Writers ”But my plot isn’t UNIQUE or BIG enough!” @youreallwrite 8 Things Every Creative Should Know @adamjk How To Get Over Comparing Yourself to Other Creatives @adamjk How to Get Over Common Creative Fears Maybe @adamjk 14 Tips From Stephen King On Writing @i-can-give-you-prompts Playlists Electronic Thoughts @eruditekid “Mix About Writing” An Instrumental Mix @shadowofemirates Shut Up I’m Writing! @ninadropdead Chill @endlessreveries Breathtaking Film Scores @tweedskirts Music to Write to Vol 1 Starlight @crestadeen Music for Written Words @ghoulpatch Dead Men Tell No Tales @scamandersnewt Fatale @dolcegf All These Things that I’ve Done @referenceforwriters Feeling Soaking into Your Bones @verylondon I Can Feel Your Pulse in the Pages @rphelper Morally Ambiguous @scamandersnewt Wonderwall @wheelerwrites Pythia @mazikeene Ballet To Dance @tanaquil Websites and Apps For Writing ZenPen A minimalist writing website to keep you free of distractions and in the flow The Most Dangerous Writing App A website where you have to keep typing or all of your writing will be lost It helps you keep writing…kind of You can choose between a time or word count limit! Evernote An online website where you can take notes and save the product to your laptop andor smartphone! Writer the Internet Typewriter It’s just you and your writing and you can save your product on the website if you create an account Wordcounter A website to help check your word and character count and shows words you’re using frequently Monospace An Android app for writing on the go when you feel the inspiration but you don’t have your laptop on you! For Productivity Tide An app that combines a pomodoro-esque timer with nature sounds and other noises! Google Play Apple Store ClearFocus An Android app with a pomodoro-type time counter to let you concentrate easier and stay productive Forest An app with a time counter to keep you focused and off your phone and when you complete the time limit a tree grows in your garden! Google Play Apple Store SelfControl A Mac downloadable app that blocks you from distracting mail servers websites and other things! Prompt Blogs @writeworld @dialouge-prompts @oopsprompts @prompts-for-the-otp @creativepromptsforwriting @the-modern-typewriter @theprofessionalpromptmaker @writers-are-writers @otp-imagines-cult @witterprompts @havetobememes @auideas @putthepromptsonpaper @promptsonpaper @fyotpprompts @otpisms @soprompt @otpprompts @ablockforwritersblock @awritersnook Writing Tips Blogs @writeworld @anomalously-written @awritersnook @clevergirlhelps @referenceforwriters @whataboutwriting @thewritershelpers @nimblesnotebook @slitheringink Meme











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