Cancel Your Credit Card Before You Die A lady died this past January and the bank billed her for February and March for their annual service charges on her credit card and added late fees and interest on the monthly charge The balance had been $000 when she died but now somewhere around $6000 A family member placed a call to the Bank Here is the exchange Family Member am calling to tell you she died back in January Bank The account was never closed and the late fees and charges stil apply Family Member 'Maybe you should turn it over to collections Bank 'Since it is two months past due it already has been' Family Member So what will they do when they find out she is dead?' Bank 'Either report her account to frauds division or report her to the credit bureau maybe both!' Family Member 'Do you think God will be mad at her?' Bank 'Excuse me?' Family Member 'Did you just get what I was telling you - the part about her being dead?' Bank 'Sir you'll have to speak to my supervisor' Supervisor gets on the phone Family Member 'I'm calling to tell you she died back in January with a $0 balance Bank 'The account was never closed and late fees and charges still apply' Family Member from her estate?' Bank Stammer 'Are you her lawyer?' Family Member 'No I'm her great nephew Lawyer info was given Bank 'Could you fax us a certificate of death?' Family Member 'Sure Fax number was given You mean you want to collect After they get the fax Bank 'Our system just isn't setup for death I don't know what more I can do to help Family Member 'Well if you figure it out great! If not you could just keep billing her She won't care Bank 'Well the late fees and charges do still apply What is wrong with these people?1? Family Member 'Would you like her new billing address?' Bank That might help Family Member 'Odessa Memorial Cemetery Highway 129 Plot Number 69' Bank 'Sir that's a cemetery ! Family Member 'And what do you do with dead people on your planet? ohgoditsneph niniblack eudoxiav lawful-evil-novelist theludicrousrival billiam-spockspeare Capitalism will put the bill on your grave and harass your grieving family until they pay One of my cousins passed away unexpectedly at the age of 35 and had been paying back a loan from the bank About two weeks after his death my great aunt received a statement from the bank his mail was being delivered to her house about a late payment She called the bank and explained the situation and the only thing a manager could say was “Well that’s unfortunate We can arrange so payments will resume in 30 days that should be enough time to have already paid for the other arrangements” On top of the unexpected $10000 funeral cremation and burial bill my aunt had to finish paying my uncle’s $5000 loan She’s a disabled retiree on a fixed income and could barely afford to pay for her insulin for diabetes She nearly lost her home of more than 40 years Fuck the system She didn’t need to pay When people die their debts are not their family’s responsibility In fact it is outright illegal to try and collect those debts from a person who didn’t cosign the loan and isn’t executing the will Debts and Deceased Relatives Here’s a link to the detail on that one Banks count on people not knowing that last comment so that they can still get money They really do My great-grandmother had her identity stolen before she died at the age of 93 and thousands of charges were racked up on credit cards in her name After she passed away they called my mother to try and collect My mom laughed at them and told them “She’s dead good luck collecting” The credit card asked my mother “Don’t you want to clear your grandmother’s debts? Don’t you want to clear her good name?” My mom laughed at them again “No” she said “Because a 90 year old wasn’t watching porn with those credit cards and her name is fine Don’t give credit cards to old women likely to pass away soon This is on you” Which is how I learned as a young child to always question collection agents and to never pay off debts that aren’t your own They often can’t even collect that money from the estate if there is one depending on how you write your will and what kind of account the money was kept in DO NOT EVER PAY OFF DEBTS THAT AREN’T YOUR OWN If a loved one of yours dies and bill collectors credit cards loans etc etc start calling you off the hook and request that you pay off their debts tell them in no uncertain terms to go fuck themselves The reason being is that the moment you give them a single penny that debt is now on YOU because you’ve now agreed to pay it off Do not agree to pay off their debt Do not pass go do not give them $200 Meme

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