caitas-cooing wendell-or-something honestmerchantsailor passivity Would also be really annoying if they wore heat resistant gloves to throw back the hot tear gas canisters and if this got shared to all those protesting… Would be a further shame if people started covering cameras as seen in Hong Kong with protestors using poles and rakes to lift cardboard boxes over security cameras blinding drone optics with laser pointers and flooding police-run reporting apps with junk data It would be a shame if the protesters noted that plainclothes cops can be identified a number of ways such as wearing steel-toed boots an armband or wristband of a particular color driving white black or dark blue cars with concealed lights or having the outline of cuffs visible in the back pocket or the bumps of an armor vest’s shoulder straps under their shirt It would be a shame if the protesters began making their signs out of inch-thick plywood to stop rubber bullets forming a tight shield wall to prevent police from singling out and mobbing individual protesters It would be a shame if the people behind the shield wall held up umbrellas so that tear gas canisters fired over the heads of the front line will be bounced away It would be a shame if protesters began constructing improvised armor vests out of duct tape hardback books and ceramic tiles It would be a shame if protesters started wearing safety glasses hard hats respirators and gardening gloves all of which can be found at the same hardware stores as the plywood It would be a shame if they started using traffic cones the kind without the hole in the top upside-down buckets or other improvised lids to contain tear gas by placing them over the canisters It would be a shame if protesters learned that police scanners are legal to own in the US allowing them to learn where police are moving and what routes they intend to take It would be a shame if they discovered that these scanners can be used to send as well as receive allowing them to flood the scanner frequencies with noise All this would be a terrible terrible shame a word of caution about the plywood though… I just reblogged a post earlier today saying that if a rubber bullet hits that and shatters it the splinters can put you in more danger depending on how you’re holding it up it can also damage your arm if you’ve strapped it on somehow and carrying a shield can make you a target for them to shoot things at so it might actually be safer on the whole if you don’t try to construct a shield counter intuitive though that may seem It’d be a shame if I reblogged this and people read it Meme











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