ballet-royale midnight-spectrum-again thesaltofcarthage festivefeathers safifonhasstrel bundibird jehovahhthickness biggest-gaudiest-fish lipsredasroses mayothefirst madamehearthwitch thegrimmlovely riskpig endangeredslug riskpig teamseabreeze recycled-soul skywritingg iloveyournudity cuntsoloud-ishere pizzaforpresident This won’t make your blog look ugly How could you not reblog this? REBLOGGING THIS COULD SAVE A LIFE!!! This goes for assholes too guys I know a couple who went tubing once and they had to re-air their tubes but the guy thought it would be funny to stick the tip of the air compressor up to her bikini trunks the air ruptured something inside her and she died within thirty minutes WHAT? The thing about this? It’s in every pregnancy book I’ve read WHAT????? Why is it in pregnancy books but not sex ed books? Because the men in charge only care about the health and safety of women in so far as it enables them to have babies httpswwwhealthlinecomhealthair-embolism#outlook Reblogging with a link because I thought this was a legit joke Never heard it before Like I knew you could kill a person by inserting air into a vein but still WHAT THE FUCL I hate how I didn’t learn this in sex Ed AT ALL This is very true lol Yo what the f u c k not the normal stuff i’d reblog but uh this is kinda??? heckin???? important????? I feel like I first saw this in The Joy of Sex but it’s definitely a thing What the fuck I’m ace but here you guys go Meme











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