AT&T 934 PM 32% facebookcom and 6 otners in Oriando Florida 6 hrs Orlando FL I love Monday's because they represent a new beginning in my brain!! It's like New Year every week! A new chance to start over! #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife This is not how I've always been I know y'all think I'm nuts but Arbonne truly has been making me the best version of myself since I heard about it! This little lipstick business is truly a self development business in disguise! The first Monday of the month is when we hold our monthly Arbonne get together! We educate on how the business works what makes our products and opportunity unparalleled and what dreaming with your eyes wide open truly means! We celebrate successes of our team how many people we have helped to get healthy and we get to meet new people! THESE are the Mondays I love the BEST Being surrounded by people who lift you up who want you to succeed who care about you who always cheer you on who welcome you back with a smile and love no matter how many times you've ghosted them ! THESE are my people I want these to be your people too! I truly have never had a job that tops this And I've had a lot of jobs that are pretty sweet!! I was a TOTAL skeptic when @pennybork offered me the gift of Arbonne Once I opened my Ilittle mind and let her just tell me a little more about it I realized was just uneducated about how Arbonne really works If you have ANY slight interest in hearing more I encourage you to message me so you can hear a little more too! What you've been avoiding so lpng may be the door God has been trying to have you open! May God bless Arbonne and Monday’s Meme



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