anonymous asked Is Autism Speaks really as bad as people say it is? lily-orchard Having been forced to deal with them and organizations like them I can safely say No It is obscenely worse You see any idiot can look at things like we need a cure and their anti-vaccination advocacy and realize how ridiculously stupid that it But that's not what they sell to children's hospitals Instead they push extremely unconventional medications to help autistic children usually by sedating them into a catatonic state I mentioned earlier that Risperidol eases overstimulation but Autism Speaks doesn't like Risperidol because it's not controlling enough Autism Speaks absolutely loves treatments and counselling based around controlling everything autistic children do Stimming self-coping mechanisms even strange and oddball quirks like kids who wear gloves everywhere all of these are taken from them and doled out as privileges It's all about turning anything an autistic child likes into something they can control They treat these children like fucking animals and really enjoy forced isolation as a punishment The IWK has several Secure Isolation Rooms that they will place autistic children in their care into for hours at a time unsupervised when they start acting out And not having a meltdown and might accidentally hurt someone kind of acting out even just mouthing off or getting lippy with a nurse I am personally convinced that the whole cure motto is a sham because studies into Autism long ago disproved the theory that it was something that needed curing Autism Speaks behaves more like a eugenics organization And they are slippery bastards about it too I've had the displeasure of having to interact with them directly because they have such a stranglehold on Nova Scotia's youth mental health that any counseling group inevitably gets calls from them Speaking to them and hearing the tone with which they spoke about these poor kids made my fucking skin crawl If you're an autistic child and they're talking to your parents or counselor about you they won't even use your name The Child The Patient and The BoyGirl are all common ways to refer to these kids On several occasions they've referred to some kid as it I've said before that Tumblr especially doesn't quit know what Autism Speaks is and that's because their public persona is very carefully crafted Their reputation is so cartoonish that doctors who don't know better won't believe it and so they swoop in with a lot of pretty language and faux-politeness The skeezy contemptuous way they behave when they think they're doing business is enough to make you fucking vomit You quickly learn why so many hospitals willingly work with them They are very good at getting their claws into health care organizations because they have this almost sinister Friendliness to them and when you combine this with the fact that a lot of child psychologists have absolutely no concern for the actual well-being of children just making the parents happy so they continue footing the bill you have a recipe for a truly horrifying experience I can't fully articulate just how sickening they are Take however bad you THINK they are multiply it by a hundred and then think about how Quentin Tarantino would infllate that to make a movie out of it That's how fucking gross and vile they really are when they think nobody is watching Lily I knew that Autism Speaks was bad but I didnt know it was this bad We need to call more attention to just how awful they are Meme








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