AmarantCoral 31d I'm feeling myself becoming genuinely xenophobic towards Americans It's not to do with this sub I understand that we have plenty of Americans here and that we laugh at the extreme American mindset But I debate politics with fellow Europeans and Australians and I debate with Americans and not a single European or Australian has ever been as disingenous or downright vile as some of the mildest Americans No other nation of people will try and school me about my own country No other nation of people have the balls and stupidity to tell me the state of crime or healthcare in a nation they've never visited that I currently live in I'm at the point now where if I were to hear the street I think I would legitimately escalate it to a physical confrontation Continuing to politicise the death of a child to fight their bad faith argument is draining my belief that there is any humanity left that side of the Atlantic American spout off about Alfie Evans in I KNOW it's not all Americans It CAN'T be all Americans But this one nation just has So many more cunts per capita than anywhere else in the world that I've encountered that it's becoming harder and harder to fight my worst instincts to generalise people At the very least I think there's a cultural disconnect between America and the rest of the world which I've experienced first-hand when visiting Reply 10 Me_irl Meme




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