African-Americans were not slaves they were immigrants I am being 100% serious here if you're interested in learning more reply in the comments and I'll provide you with credible legitimate sources They need to stop teaching this lie in schools because all it does is stir up hatred They want white people to feel guilty for something that didn't happen Truth is Africans willingly got on the ships just like immigrants today trying to cross the border because they were offered jobs and better opportunities than they had in Africa People think picking cotton was the only job they had but they had other jobs too like carpenter blacksmith chef etc They could also be promoted if they did a good job and were well paid They had weekends off they had a place to live rent free and were given free food they were happy Slave master in those days literally was the term that people refered to their employers The word employee is derived from the word slave Majority of black people in those days loved their employer how many people today love their employers? There were also no rapes against black women that's completely false When was the last time a white man raped a black woman? It literally does not happen today and it didn't happen back then Statistically the number is still 0 Black women were desperate during slavery to have children fathered by Harriet Tubman is rolling in her grave Meme






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