8112019 Honestly the worst dining experience of my life This place is what I imagine hell would be A tableau of misogynistic nonsense The moment you arrive you're made to get into a hospital gown which creates a very macabre tone for your meal if you're into that sort of thing? I immediately felt ill Next you're informed that you must eat your entire burger or you'll be spanked with a wooden paddle Literally the entire time you're eating you'll be listening to the sounds of loud spanking It's so loud that you might mistake it for gunshots which is a really disorienting and upsetting experience considering the state of this country Meanwhile some heavily copyright infringing music videos featuring distraught-looking actresses in nurse outfits play everywhere The loudest most annoying music Men with microphones walk around the room screaming the lyrics to the hokey pokey and slam their wooden paddles on your table if you don't sing along Posters with sexual jokes about women and jabs at people with eating disorders adorn the walls If they had sold Xanax on the menu I would have bought one just to get through the meal without massive anxiety Jus if you can imagine what a panic attack would look like if it morphed into restaurant form that would be this place Then your food arrives Look they really only serve burgers here If you are going to run a restaurant that spanks people for not eating the food and you're only serving one dish you better make a real good burger These burgers are truly terrible Over cooked dry flavorless overpriced You can head to In-n-Out for about a fourth the price and eat edible burgers You'll also avoid the entirely misogynistic and misanthropic atmosphere I mean if you have no soul or feelings and like mediocre burgers give it a shot but DO NOT bring children here It is totally not a place for them Also not recommended for women Or men Or anyone you like A review for Heart Attack Grill Meme








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