-33 points 22 hours ago I'm having sex on a daily basis Embrace it That's all I'd say Let the animal come out Then you can be truly in touch with your surroundings and realise that what you are seeking is all around you I'll give you my personal experience I'm a 27 year old female History teahcer at an expensive private school I always thought I was the good girl but boy was I wrong I could never get any sex I always wondered what was wrong with me but then it hit me who do I appeal to? And that RIGHT THERE is the MOMENT it came to me teenagers What is a teenage boys most vivid and wanted fantasy? Sex with the cute angel teacher of course Now I'm not no supermodel I don't turn heads walking in the street but I always copped stares from the boys at my school I teach the senior year levels around 17-18 year olds So I tried it oh baby ASK AND YOU SHALL RECIEVE i think i've fucked almost the whole year level Honey forget about that jerk and get yourself a horny teenager Maybe even 2 Maybe 5 Maybe 10 They've got all the stamina so they'll pump you all night Hands down THE best sex i've ever had I've been fucked in the ass gangbanged shunt-fucked cummed on wang wang on my woo woo honey-badgered red raw ballsacks dipping up and down and all around me hell we've even done it next door to the head principal lol! All of them I love them I am now having so much sex that I don't need one person in a relationship This will keep happening We've got an organised fuck-list Daystimesdateseverything Monday - Moonee Poonee Titty Worship Tuesday Walloping Wednesday Turn around and spank my ass Thursday Fuck me in the classroom Friday my favourite! Saddle up Saturday Sunday-Funday I'd love to tell you more but I don't want to get in trouble just know from my experience that sex can be achieved no matter what or who you are I hope you find what I have Reply Give Award Share Report Save 28 points 21 hours ago And its posts like these which make me question why i keep coming back to this sub when people use the giving advice part for their own weird fantasies or fanfiction get a fucking life Reply Give Award Share Report Save Just let the animal come out Meme











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