1 There're a lot of hooks in the Terraria TIPS for Felix game They have different length and amount of arms! For example your first Web Slinger is a 8-arms unique spider-hook! It's trashy but rare! by Alleidd PART 2 Each Destroyed Demon Altar adds new ore! max 3 After destroying very first 3 altars next ones will add more ore to the world There's NO right amount of the altars to destroy You can destroy all of them! But each additionalwill give your less and less ore Optimal solution - 6-12 You can use Gravitation potion to find Sky Islands! 3 After defeating Wall of Flesh all world converts to Hardmode which is full of stronger enemies new biomes bosses etc! That's why your world became more difficult! You do not need to keep coins in your inventory Put them in a 5 piggy bank Buying something will spend coins directly from Piggy Bank! ALT+LMB on item to Shop make it favorite! Savings You can't accidentally lost them You can't throw them away 92 You can use potionslheartslanything directly from your inventory No need to put everything on the hotbar! Connor can tell you not only HOW to make everything but 8 WHERE you can make it For example you could read Night's Edge can be crafted on Demon Altar! Dont waste your time on chat COMBINE stuff That's super useful and simple 10 20 18 Tinkerers workshop 24 Wild Nazar Equipable Material The Expert Immunity to Curse 10 There's no need to play Fast 1S melee apeced take your time and DO NOT listen to the chat! Share useful tips in comments for Felix!!! no spoilers Meme






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